Types of Whetstone & how to choose

When the knife is nicked
...Coarse stone ( #80 - #400 )
When the knife is dulled
...Medium stone ( #700 - #1200 )
More sharpen
...Finishing stone (#3000 - #8000 )

How to use of Sharpening stone

  1. Soak whetstone in water about 3 minutes before use.
  2. Please stabilize the whetstone shown in picture.
    The knife blade should be kept at an angle of 15-20 on the whetstone.
  3. Blade type

    Single-edged knife
    Single-edged knife should be sharpened 90% on the surface and sharpened 10% on back.
    Double-edged knife
    Double-edged knife should be sharpened both sides equally.
  4. After Sharpening, lightly sharpen the back of knife about few times to remove the burrs.



Whetstone is getting dented time by time, so it is necessary to maintenance by water-resistant paper or abrasive paper.
After using the whetstone, wash it by water, and dry in shaded area.
We have repairing item, whose name is "Mensuly".